♔Forwood & Stelena are my OTPs♔

I also ship Bamon, Mabekah, Klebekah, Klayley & Datherine. Steroline is my Brotp. Always here for Sterowood.

And Caroline Forbes is Queen♔

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Stefan and Elena screenshots from 5x19.

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Am I a bad person if I gif the Forwood phone call and live in denial and pretend like its really Forwood and like Tyler’s body hasn’t been taken over again and his whole life won’t be shot to hell again?

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Except Tyler’s been taken over by a traveler…well fuck.

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This episode is actually really enjoyable. The Stelena visions are adorable. Matt and Tyler are awesome. Kol is back! I’m even enjoying Enzo.

My only complaint is that we got a small maroline moment, a steroline phone call, a couple carenzo scenes. But Tyler is the one dealing with Caroline’s mom being in danger and we can’t get one single Forwood interaction?? Like suddenly Caroline isn’t worried that her mom didn’t show up and could be in danger?

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make me choose:  tyler/caroline or stefan/caroline

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It [Stelena scene] should be romantic, not sexual.

— Paul you’re doing it right Wesley (via allvdia)

"I just want this school year to be great, you know. I just want everyone to be h a p p y. Even in the midst of all the crazy unhappy bits.”